Full fender tractor cab


  • 3-way removable: Yes
  • Electric wiper: Yes
  • Dashboard: Yes
  • LED lights: Yes
  • Entrance door automatic jack: Yes

Full description of full fender tractor cab
The tractor cabin or cabin is one of the most important components in the tractor, and careful construction and attention to all details should be on the agenda of the manufacturer. So that in the world’s largest tractor companies, cabs are offered on tractors (corporate cab tractors). Having a proper lighting system for tractor cabs at night allows you to increase the daily labor costs by adding working hours. Reduce and increase the speed of work and ultimately be more efficient. Utilizing multiple fixed and standard windows that open around and the floor of the cabins for minutes will give the operator complete control over the work. In the design of these windows, all Securit glass is used and they have a seal around the seal. This cabin also has air conditioner, heater, flooring, safe car glass, side mirror, ceiling light and water cooler.


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