Handle cultivator tiller WM900


  • Type of fuel consumed: gasoline
  • Engine type: gasoline
  • Engine power: 6.5 hp
  • Power transmission: belt
  • How to get started: Handle

Description of WM900 Handle Cultivator Tyler
Handle tiller is a tillage tool and the soils that are plowed in the first stage of arable land may not be well combined, so a second tillage is required. Handle cultivator tiller is responsible for secondary tillage, in which the soil layers are aerated and the soil is prepared for better water absorption.

Introduction of Handley Cultivator Tyler
The handle cultivator tiller breaks the soil on the ground with its teeth, this is done at a shallow depth. Cultivators are also used to prune weeds next to plants. The idea of ​​making cultivators is taken from old plows, but the use of each of them is completely different. The plows’ job is to crush the clods on the ground, but the Handley tiller cultivator has to mix the soils on the ground and soften the hard soils by sifting, which is a kind of preparation of the soil for plowing. Cultivators are produced in three different types, which are:

Gasoline cultivator: This type of cultivator has an engine power of up to 5 hp. This cultivator is usually used for lands that have a small area and is also very suitable for sloping lands.

Manual cultivator: This cultivator is used for weeds next to trees. This device is equipped with blades for aeration.

Diesel cultivator: It is suitable for large agricultural lands. The location of different parts of this device is the same in all models.


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