AMC3-G6 six-and-a-half handlebar cultivator


  • Type of fuel consumed: gasoline
  • Engine type: four-stroke
  • Engine power: 6.5 hp
  • Power transmission: belt
  • How to get started: Handle

Description of AMC3-G6 six and a half horsepower cultivator
6.5 hp petrol belt cultivator: AMC3-G6 Low weight and high maneuverability are the prominent features of gasoline cultivators. The tank, air filter and exhaust are located on top of the engine and provide easy access for the operator. Turn on this device using the handle. The steering wheel of the gasoline cultivator has the ability to adjust the height according to the height of the operator. This machine has two 8-400 wheels and when plowing, the rotator blades, which have a total number of 24, are replaced. The driving force of the motor is transmitted through the belt to the gearbox of this cultivator and in the gearbox, a combination of gears and power chains are transmitted to the output shaft of the gearbox. The cultivators of this type of cultivators are generally used in garden and safflower fields and greenhouses. AMG-168FB engine model and type of gasoline engine, air-cooled, single-cylinder, four-stroke and engine power (6.0 hp) and maximum engine power (6.5 hp) and type of starter handle and type of gearbox, gearbox and gear combination, number of gears, 2 front gears, 1 rear gear, V-belt transmission, and the type of pulley clutch, tightening belt with working width (105-80 cm) and Working depth (30-15 cm) with steering type, height adjustment and gearbox oil capacity (1.2 liters) and engine oil capacity (0.6 liters) with fuel tank capacity (3.6 liters) and tire size 8-4 ۰۰ 00 with tools that can be installed: rotator, single miner plow, iron wheel, groove opener.


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