Pneumatic combine with a working width of 2 meters


  • Dimensions: 2 * 3 * 2 meters
  • Tank volume: 450 kg
  • Number of seed sowing rows: 24 rows
  • Minimum power required: 75 hp
  • Number of rows of fertilizer cultivation: 12 rows

Description Pneumatic combine with a working width of 2 meters
Pneumatic combine with a width of 2 meters is designed and manufactured for growing small and large seeds such as wheat, barley, alfalfa, lentils, mung bean, canola, sesame, onion, safflower and.. The mechanism of cultivation of these seeders is linear and pneumatic blowing and for this reason it is also known as grain linearization. Maximum saving in seed consumption, easy adjustment, low weight and depreciation were mentioned. Pneumatic combine machine has a working width of 2 meters for 1- and 2-cylinder tractors. The work speed is 1 to 2 km per hour and the number of seeders is 4 with a distance between each row of 1.5 cm and the ability to adjust the depth accurately to half a meter and the number of fertilizer is 4.


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