Selling high-quality Iranian Olives

Selling high-quality Iranian olives is very useful for the body because they have many properties, but most people are not fully familiar with them. Olives are among the fruits that have a very high nutritional value and are very beneficial.

selling high-quality iranian olives

More than 90,000 hectares of Iran’s lands are dedicated to olive cultivation, and about 150,000 tons of olives are harvested annually from orchards. 110 types of olives are cultivated in more than 26 regions of Iran. Guilan province has a long history of olive production and cultivation. Olive cultivation in Rudbar was previously thought to date back to 800 years ago; But the latest archaeological discoveries on the ancient Calvoraz Hill indicate that olive cultivation in Rudbar region dates back to about 2,000 years ago.

Selling high-quality Iranian Olives: Properties‌

selling high-quality iranian olives

  • Brightness and freshness of facial skin: The vitamin A in olives makes facial skin whiter and brighter. Vitamin A also prevents skin cancers.
  • Helps hair growth: The nutrients in olives such as copper, iron, vitamin e increase blood circulation to the scalp and ultimately increase growth.
  • Prevention of various cancers
  • Treatment of fatty liver
  • Iranian olives help with weight loss and fitness
  • Treatment of diabetes
  • Treatment of hypertension
  • Prevention of osteoporosis
  • Prevention of Alzheimer’s

Iranian olive varieties

In addition to Guilan province, olives in 26 regions of Iran are adapted to the climate of the region and many farmers are engaged in growing this amazing fruit. Different types of selling high-quality Iranian olives include:

1. Canned olives

When gardeners pick their crops from the olive tree, they mix some olives in sodium hydroxide without breaking them. This type of olive is available in cans of different weights and also in bulk.

2. Crushed olives

Crushed olives are one of the most popular types of edible olives. They are poured into large buckets and containers and mixed with water and salt. These olives gradually lose their bitterness by changing water and salt several times.

3. Olive with filling

These types of Iranian olive are filled with pepper, almond kernels or garlic. Each of these ingredients in combination with olives have very important properties and are useful for maintaining health.

selling high-quality iranian olives

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