high-quality Bahareh tea

The first harvest of tea in spring and the resulting tea is called Bahareh tea (Bahar means spring in Persian). This tea contains a bud and the following two leaves, and since there are many nutrients and aromas in them, it has a higher aroma and quality than other types of tea. Harvest time starts in May and harvesting is done every 45 days. This tea is also called Sargol tea.

What is high-quality Bahareh tea?

high-quality bahareh tea

Black tea harvested in the spring is known as Bahareh tea. Bahareh tea has a better taste, color and aroma than tea harvested in other seasons. The best type of Bahareh tea is Lahijan Bahareh tea, which has 10 to 20% better color, taste and aroma than the tea harvested in summer and autumn.

What is the best type of tea?

The best type of tea is tea that is consumed without any additives and chemicals and its color, smell and aroma are completely natural. Natural tea has a color close to red.

Consumption of perfumes and additives in tea accumulates in the liver and turns into toxins and is very dangerous for the body and health. The larger the leaves, the higher the quality of the tea.

The best type of Iranian tea

high-quality bahareh tea

The indicators of superiority in high-quality Bahareh tea are its color, aroma and taste. Drinking a cup of colorful tea with a mild aroma gives a feeling of freshness. Bahareh tea has the following features:

  • Great aroma
  • Unparalleled color power
  • A certain golden tint
  • Fresh production at the beginning of the year
  • The purest and most natural Iranian tea
  • The most sought-after tea of ​​the year
  • Healthy tea without essential oils


What properties does Bahareh tea offer?

There are two types of Bahareh tea that can offer different properties:

  • Broken Bahare tea: Its particle shape is smooth and slightly flat and has a smaller size than other Iranian teas.
  • Baruti Bahareh Tea: It looks like an ant’s head. Therefore, it is brewed very quickly and releases its color fast.

Properties of Bahareh tea include:

high-quality bahareh tea

  • Reduces the risk of diabetes
  • Reduces the risk of stroke
  • Prevents cancer
  • Prevents premature skin aging
  • Low calorie; and many more!

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