Persian tea

Types of tea

Original Sargol Tea

Sargol tea is a complex principle and has a more bitter and astringent taste than other types of Iranian teas. Sargol tea is of a high degree of quality and radar flavor and is very famous for its good taste. This type of tea is produced only in spring.

Original premium tea

The original premium tea has a more balanced degree of bitterness and sage than Sargol tea. The production of this natural tea in Iran has the first rank. This tea is the most widely consumed Iranian tea among our dear compatriots.

Original pen tea

The original pen tea is larger than other types of tea and has a pen-like appearance, which is why this type of tea is called pen tea. This tea with a tea stick that has a tea stem in it is one of the most colorful Iranian teas.

Original broken tea

The original broken tea is a mixture of different types of Iranian tea. In fact, this tea has a flat and smooth appearance and is smaller than other types of tea, and because of this shape, it is known as broken tea. High quality tea also has a great color and taste.

Original spring tea is another name of Iranian tea that is usually heard and seen in naming tea. This name refers to spring teas. As you know, northern tea is produced in three seasons: spring, summer and autumn, and the products that are produced in spring are called spring tea. The color of spring tea is more, its taste is more bitter and its taste is more astringent.

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