Selling High-Quality Iranian Hazelnut

Hazelnut is one of the richest foods that can be added to the diet as a healthy snack. In a world of processed snacks full of fat that are nothing but harmful to health, nuts such as hazelnuts are a great choice of snack, especially for people who are on diets. But when did people start selling high-quality Iranian hazelnut?

Selling High-Quality Iranian Hazelnut

At first, this delicious and useful fruit was grown in the Black Sea region of Turkey. Therefore, Turkey, Greece, Georgia and Italy are among the largest exporters of hazelnuts in the world. Iran holds the sixth place in the world with a harvest of about 15,000 tons (yearly). In Iran, the city of Rudsar has the highest production of hazelnuts in the country. Selling high-quality Iranian hazelnut is very popular in Iran and the world and it is widely consumed due to its numerous properties. Hazelnut oil is used in perfumery and painting or for nutrition.

The difference between Iranian and foreign hazelnuts

Selling High-Quality Iranian Hazelnut

One of the main differences between Iranian and foreign hazelnuts is the difference in the size of the hazelnut kernel. Iranian hazelnut has a smaller kernel than foreign hazelnuts. Iranian hazelnut kernels are better in terms of taste and quality than foreign ones and have a higher percentage of fat.

Properties and health benefits

Due to the fear of fat and high calories, people are somewhat reluctant to eat nuts; But when consumed in the right amount, these healthy snacks can provide the body with protein, fiber, unsaturated fats and many other important vitamins and minerals. Among the properties of raw hazelnut kernels is that they can fight heart disease and diabetes, improve brain function and cause weight loss. Other properties and benefits of high-quality Iranian hazelnut include:

Selling High-Quality Iranian Hazelnut

  • They strengthen the intestines and stomach.
  • They remove toxin from the body.
  • People with diabetes can include them in their diet due to their low starch content and calcium, magnesium, sodium and iron.
  • People doing intellectual work are advised to eat hazelnuts due to their high phosphorus content.
  • The fat in hazelnuts is unsaturated.
  • Hazelnut oil is used to treat coughs and chest pains.
  • Consumption of hazelnuts causes high blood pressure.


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