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Types of walnuts

Walnuts, like all nuts and dried fruits, have many benefits for human health. Native to North America, walnuts are now grown all over the world because of these benefits. In our country, walnut tree is planted in mountainous areas. In this article, we try to introduce you to different types of walnuts.

Persian walnut

The best and most quality type of walnut, which is also known as English walnut, is Iranian walnut. This walnut is full of nuts and grows in most climates and regions of the world. The nutritional value of this breed is high.

Walnut tuyserkan
This walnut is native to Tuyserkan of Hamedan and has a delicious and tasty kernel. The size of this walnut is large and it has a thin skin and it is one of the commercial and famous breeds of Iran.

Walnut is native to Fars province in Iran. The tree of this type of walnut grows in mountainous areas and has a high height. The quality of this type of walnut is high.

Chilean walnut
This walnut has a thin skin and paper and has a good quality. The kernel of this walnut is colorful and tasty.

Clustered walnuts
This walnut is oval in appearance and has a full and quality kernel. The skin of this walnut is thin and the kernel is easily separated from the skin.

Walnut Franket
This walnut was discovered in 1800 in France. The Franket walnut tree grows in a variety of climates, which is why many countries have grown it. The skin of this walnut is thin and its kernel is very good and suitable for drying.

Israeli walnut
The fat of this walnut is lower than other walnuts. The appearance of this walnut is large and its oval shape. This walnut has a full and complete kernel.

Walnut Farnour
The kernel of this walnut is very white and is native to France.

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