Selling high-quality Iranian olive oil

Selling high-quality Iranian olive oil

High-quality Iranian olive oil is obtained from the fruit of a tree called olive. This tree first grew on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. In ancient times, olive oil was used to fuel oil lamps. Today, the consumption of olive oil has become popular all over the world due to its structural and functional form. The famous Greek poet, Homer, refers to olive oil as liquid gold.

Iranian olive oil has many properties. Today, most people in the world use this useful vegetable oil in cooking a variety of foods and salads. Iranian olive oil is one of the best oils for those who are looking for healthy eating and are on strict diets, including ketogenic diets.

Properties and health benefits

Another property of olive oil is that it prevents plaque from settling on the walls of the arteries, thus preventing the arteries from narrowing. Other properties include:

Selling high-quality Iranian olive oil

  • Olive oil lowers high blood pressure.
  • It regulates the body’s blood sugar.
  • Boosts memory.
  • Relieves rheumatic pains.
  • Prevents hair from going white.
  • Prevents free radicals from fats and oils from damaging the cardiovascular system.


Types of olive oil in Iran

Virgin olive oil

It is divided into three categories: extra virgin olive oil, virgin and ordinary olive oil. Extra virgin olive oil is obtained by lubricating healthy and high-quality olives mechanically without applying heat. This is the best type of Iranian olive oil.

Refined olive oil

From the refining of virgin olive oil, including bleaching and deodorization, refined olive oil is obtained. This oil is used in salads, ordinary cooking and surface frying.

Olive pomace olive oil

The pulp from the lubrication of the first stage is extracted by chemical solvents. Therefore, due to its low quality, it is used for industrial purposes and in cosmetics and soap making. It is also known as Pomace or Pomace olive oil.

Which one is the best Iranian olive oil?

Selling high-quality Iranian olive oil

As mentioned, extra virgin olive oil is considered a sub-category of virgin olive oil. This oil is the best type of high-quality Iranian olive oil due to the lack of chemical additives and its low acidity.

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